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LSU Fired Will Wade Annnndd Immediately Lost All 13 Scholarship Players To Transfer/NBA And All Their Recruits For The Next 2 Years

Is it necessarily shocking? No. But it's jarring to see this tweeted out. LSU fired Will Wade and immediately lost every single person of value on their roster. 11 to transfers, 2 to the NBA and every recruit they had. Now sure Matt McMahon is a damn good coach who already landed a Murray State transfer following him, but he's got a lot of work to do. 

This is honestly what I'm curious about. This has nothing to do with McMahon but the fact that LSU has these allegations over the program. The fact McMahon has to try and recruit now after Wade and deal with it all. The fall out from this sort of stuff is always a bit crazy and it's starting with McMahon basically having to create an SEC team out of 0 people. 

Good news is there's 900+ people in the transfer portal. This isn't even a complaint. I don't care if kids transfer. It as zero impact on me. I don't feel bad for coaches that have to deal with it. They can cry all they want, they are still making millions of bucks or at the minimum hundreds of thousands of dollars. Deal with it. 

Either way, weird times at LSU right now.