Ukrainian Soldiers Videoed Kicking Landmines Across The Road Like It Aint No Thang

I love seeing videos like this from the side of the war I want to win. These landmines arent unstable. They are set in that formation across the road to stop tanks and heavy vehicles from passing through. If it's your roadblock, you can simply move them by kicking them across the road and then moving them back. 

Why is that a good thing?

Well, if you are the one with the roadblock, you still essentially have freedom of movement. You can set up an ambush site or really anything. But, if you're the aggressor, you are fucked. You cant roll through that area quickly. You cant roll through the antitank mines because you will die. You have to get out to move the mines and the next thing you know, you are sitting high and dry with a 7.62 going through your chest. NOT GOOD. 

Not all landmines are antitank mines. There are still certainly ones that are "toe poppers" and they will fuck you up, but these are designed for vehicles so kick away. 

Side note: most folks in combat get more complacent as time goes on. The fear factor subsides and you get used to your new normal. Kicking the anti-tank mines away without looking even a touch nervous is a pretty good sign of complacency. Again, not good.