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Will Compton Had An Actually Great April Fools Day Prank


Pretty funny tweet from Comp, especially if you've been following him and know his wife has been in labor for no less than 3 weeks now.

Rumor has it it's Derrick Henry's.


But its just a baby from google images.



Look at Will chuckle in the corner in this video. 


Julian Edelman got in on the wackies too. Coming back to the Buccaneers to link up with Gronk and Brady. Honestly I am not 100% sure if this is a prank.

I mean after this video


and Arians getting ousted, Brady may have free range of the whole team. He could get Edelman and Gronk back and just run it up.

Also just realized as I'm typing this that the original graphic says April fools in the bottom corner. Bad form from him. Let a prank be a prank.

Njoku also got crazy with it

On the April Fools Day prank scale this has to be a .3/10. He probably is like "wait, maybe I should request a trade…."