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The Spreadsheet's Last Stand.

The spreadsheet worked. After tons of deliberation, no matter the outcome tonight the spreadsheet will make a profit. 

After betting on all the favorite's futures and the ml of the underdogs we made 3 separate parlays 

Now that the final four are over, these are our scenarios.

I mean, look at this sweet bastard. $50 guaranteed and only spent $1649 to do it. 

Yeah, this is a ton of work for %3.03 returns but we still have money left to play with if we want to maximize a $150 scenario but honestly I rather just route for North Carolina. No point pushing the limit we already got so far. 

Huge shoutout to @berserkersheets on Twitter who I would send my spreadsheet to and we would review and find the best moves. I have no idea who this guy is but we got a lot done through google sheets and he's a genius. 

Going to be a great feeling to hand a wad of cash back to PFT and Big Cat. I am going to bring it In ones to make it look bigger than the first wad.