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Snickers Is Joining The Rest Of America And Cheering For Coach K's Demise Thanks To Roy Williams 40 Years Ago

I don't care if this is for branding. I don't care if this is all marketing. This is what we need to see every major corporation. Plus, can you really market Snickers? Pretty sure everyone over the age of 6 knows what a Snickers is. You either buy it or you don't. It's not some up and coming Snickers market. But back to the task at hand. Snickers is doing this because 40 years ago Roy Williams had a weird tradition of eating one before UNC games for good luck. He almost got locked out of the arena before the title game, which he talks about here: 

Bunch of dadgums while pleading I'm sure. I'm just glad Snickers is joining in on the demise of Coach K. We need everyone to come together here. I don't care if you're a State fan, Wake fan, Kentucky fan, Louisville fan, Davidson or anything else. It's about a little thing called teamwork. We need to all be on the same page and hope to see Marty cry sad tears on Saturday.

We're already fighting an uphill battle. We knew the NCAA would want Duke here. We know the storyline and all that. But we also have UNC players saying things I don't care to hear. 

Low profile guys. Stop giving Duke bulletin board material. Let's all focus on the gameplan, which is attack Duke, try to force them in that 2-3 zone and use Manek to destroy it. You can't have Caleb Love shooting them out of a game early. Defensively help on Paolo and force anyone besides AJ Griffin to shoot threes. Make Moore and Roach and Keels be the one that hits them. Live with that. 

Also go to the Barstool Sportsbook and put $50 on UNC ML. If they win, literally wear Coach K's grave on your chest.