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Wisconsin Should Be Slapped With Every Single NCAA Penalty After Trying To Fool Everyone That Brad Davison Is Coming Back

It's the worst day on the Internet. The day where everyone thinks they are a comedian, the day where people are trying to fool everyone and you have to stay on your toes. Well, then again it basically sounds like every other day. So that brings me to this. 9:05 this morning, I receive a few texts and stuff about this. Brad Davison coming back to college. 

Wait what? 

I clicked the link expected to see something that just said April Fools. There's nothing. A standard quote. It looks very real. However Davison played 29 games in the 17-18 season, which is listed as his 'medical hardship.' Bang, there it is. Brad Davison is an all-timer in terms of guys who have been in college forever. It wouldn't have shocked me if somehow there was this loophole, even with him in the 3pt contest (reserved for graduating players only) last night. He lost to another guy that this would work for. 

I want Wisconsin in jail. I want them with hit with probations. I want banners (well, you know like Big 10 banners since that's really the only ones they have) taken down. I want Greg Gard and the SID to get a show-cause. I can't be kept on my toes on a Friday with very real looking news here. Make it incredibly obvious so I don't have to remember the date for one goddamn second. Don't even tease us that Brad Davison is coming back for another year so we can have another year of a villain.