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EBR Is Hungry For 3 Things: Food, Drinks, And Winners! We Start In Ryan Whitney's Swedish Village.

The weekend is upon us and with the basketball final four happening, Chiclets coming to Toronto, and action everywhere EBR needs to fuel up with food, drinks, and cash in the pocket. The Friday lunch menu has a great record and this needs to continue.  Let's go! 

1 pm Est. : Hockey Allsvenskan 

Back to the basics is a great strategy when starting a weekend.  Plan the meet-ups and understand you will need food and water mixed in to make it through the long days of gambling.  In Modo, there might not be many bars to visit but as you get further north in Sweden there is definitely more opportunity to drink.  One of the most popular drinks in the North is Fernet. This is an Italian drink that doesn’t taste great and is drunk early and often for the benefits it has on any bad belly scenarios. In Ryan Whitney’s former village, these shots are passed around like Pink Whitney in the summers. 

Murls' Best Bet: Modo 3-way -154

1 pm Est.: SHL Playoffs 

EBR is feeling warm inside and we have decided to stay in Sweden for some food to extend the night.  With the playoffs in full swing and this being the first game of the round, I am going to share my go-to meal that made its name in the Skeffeleta area.  Calskrove is a behemoth of a sandwich and was created at a small shop Tre Kronor in the downtown area. It consists of a calzone pizza that is stuffed with hamburgers (along with bread, toppings, and dressings) and French fries. I won’t get into the calorie count on this beast but man is it good! This is the perfect lunch if you can sneak home to take a nap before the game is on. Enjoy it but make sure the fries are well done! 

Murls’ Best Bet: Skelleftea -1.5 +155

1:30pm Est.: Germany DEL

Dessert time for the EBR and this is the perfect time to cash our last bet so we can pay the tab that is coming.  Some of the best desserts are in Germany and that's a big call for a guy who has a sweet tooth.  For this special dessert, we head to my old stomping grounds in Nuremberg and this area is famous for its Lebkuchen or gingerbread.  This is not like the gingerbread houses in the west but this gingerbread comes as cookies and other great-tasting treat. My favorite cookie is simple enough with the local gingerbread covered in chocolate.  

Murls’ Best Bet: Nuremberg Ice Tigers 3-way -127 , Extra helping -1.5 +130

Enjoy your meal and let's put a beating on the Barstool Sportsbook this weekend!!!

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