Jacob deGrom Experienced Shoulder Tightness Today And May Not Make His Scheduled Start Tomorrow, Which Means I Won't Be Able To Sleep The Rest Of The Night

I just woke up in the middle of a massive thunder storm that was so loud, I honestly thought there was a chance World War III kicked off while I was sleeping. I rolled over to check my phone because I have a crippling addiction to Twitter, saw the tweet above, and now I am not sure if the reality I am living in is better or worse.

Okay that's a little dramatic but seriously, what the fuck man? Can't we just have one season where everything is just normal and we can enjoy Jacob deGrom mowing down Major League lineups effortlessly without an injury popping up? Actually I guess shit like this is technically normal considering this is what I was blogging about deGrom last season when I wasn't writing about how he had an ERA under 1 all the way until his last start in July.

So now I guess we do what we've always done every season for God knows how long and pray this is just Jake listening to his body, being safe instead of sorry, and making sure everything is fine for the 162 marathon that is the MLB regular season. Or he is returning to his home planet like he does every year around this time to gain another couple of MPH to his fastball since a mystery deGrom ailment has popped out of nowhere in the spring for pretty much as long as I've been at Barstool. Yeah, that must be it! It's one thing to complain about a side injury after swinging a bat, it's quite another to complain about shoulder issues after the team shut you down in the middle of the season then never gave an update and seemed to be going with the "No news is good news" strategy.

Now if you'll excuse me, I am going back to bed. JK, there's no way I'm gonna be able to fall back asleep for hours after reading this and will probably throw up multiple times before passing out. Man it's great to have baseball back!

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I hate it here.