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DeMar DeRozan Is A Complete Alpha

Absolutely unbelievable comeback for the Bulls in one of the biggest wins of the year. They needed it so badly in the standings as we’re really getting into late season crunch time. A time where you need nothing but the best from your leaders and DeMar delivered no questions asked. Except for the part where the Clippers dominated us inside and out. That definitely sucked.

But that’s why you play all 48. Down double digits late in the 4th and it doesn’t matter. These guys keep fighting so long as there’s time on the clock. These guys will fight thru screens and rebound and run and just be complete animals to get the job done. Don’t think this game doesn’t add to the confidence levels now that we’re heading into playoff season. It’s a win or go home mentality on the Chicago Bulls and I absolutely fucking love it.

DeMar leads the way with 50. FIFTY. And people still think he sucks (nobody does). Just an unreal and insane night that we can hopefully circle and come back to months from now as the springboard to a deep summer run to the NBA finals. Crazier things have happened like tonight’s comeback win. So don’t tell me I’m crazy. Tell me DeMar scored 50 and the bulls won tonight. Now that’s crazy.

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