ABOUT TIME: The Hall Of Fame Finally Wised Up And Bob Huggins Will Reportedly Be Inducted This Year

There are very few things that get me riled up when it comes to the Hall of Fame. I typically just don't care who makes the Hall of Fame, what people think of the Hall of Fame, etc. Except when it comes to clear choices that get passed over every year. I did that a few times on the blog with Bob Huggins because it made no sense. Look at some of these numbers: 

916 wins. A 69.7 career win percentage. 2 Final Fours, with two different schools. 11 regular season conference titles. The guy has everything besides a national championship. As far as I'm concerned it's not a rings argument in the craziest postseason event in sports when it comes to being a Hall of Famer. Bob Huggins should have been in the Hall of Fame a few years ago. 

If the Hall of Fame really wants to do it right they'll give him his very own track suit. No jacket, just a comfortable look for a man who once dressed like this

Doug Pensinger. Getty Images.
Andy Lyons. Getty Images.

Congrats to Huggy Bear. 

PS: All the names are starting to come out but a quick shout out to Manu

I fucking loved watching him play, especially as a lefty. Dude is low key one of my all-time favorite athletes.