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It Appears That JJ Watt Is The Biggest Shohei Ohtani Fanboy On The Planet

A few weeks back JJ Watt reached out to the Angels asking them to tell him with Shohei Ohtani's next start was, well it seems like he found out and had decent seats for that start. He's in town training and wanted to see Ohtani live in person on the mound because who wouldn't. When you have a chance to see Ohtani you go and see him. JJ got to sit right up close and witness Ohtani carve up the Brewers all while snapping pictures like a dance mom. 

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He's basically Kris Jenner from the GIF. Is he really going to go back and watch the videos? Gonna send it to Kyler and show him how a real baseball player does it? I do always enjoy when athletes cross into other sports and are huge fans of other athletes. Like I think it's legit cool that Watt is a big Ohtani fan. And he also legit may be the biggest fan, he's massive. But wearing a long sleeve shirt to an outdoor baseball in Arizona is a weird move. You're going to absolutely sweat your ass off and I'm sure that is what happened to JJ. But even though he was probably drenched in sweat but he got to live out his dream of sitting front row watching Ohtani pitch. He was loving it.

He got the full VIP treatment too. Looking at these two athletes next to each other is wild too. The fact that Ohtani is maybe an inch shorter than Watt blew my mind. Of course Watt has some weight on Ohtani, but they're almost the same height. I did not expect that. It also helped that the Brewers were playing the Angels and he's buddies with Christian Yelich, but we all know why Watt was there, Shohei. Pretty cool to see them all interacting and how small Watt makes Mike Trout look. Towers over everyone but Ohtani. Love a good sports crossover with two of the biggest names in sports. Cool that he's just as big of a fanboy as we are.