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Draymond Green Shit Talking Jae Crowder for Being 'From Buckhead' Is an Incredible Put-Down

I didn't know I cared at all about the Warriors or Suns until I watched this video, but now I very much want these two teams to meet in the playoffs. We need Draymond and Jae Crowder going at it for seven games if this is any indication of the kind of trash talk we'll get.

"You choked twice ... If you wanna go there, we can go there. But you're not like that. You're from Buckhead. You're from a nice neighborhood."

I love it. My favorite part is that Crowder is from Villa Rica, Georgia, which is closer to the Alabama border than it is to Buckhead. Draymond just stayed at the Waldorf Astoria next to Lenox Mall one time and "Buckhead" was the only place he could remember in Georgia not named Atlanta.

While we're talking about choking, though, wasn't Draymond kinda the impetus for the biggest choke job in NBA history? And he's played alongside two of the best players of all-time for the entirety of his career? Screw it, that actually makes me love this shit talk so much more.

This was my favorite chirp I've heard in quite some time. Never change, Draymond.