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Rihanna Continues To Stunt On Every Woman Who Has Even Considered Looking Hot While Pregnant

Rihanna sure knows how to give fans what they want.

The “Umbrella” singer wowed in a sheer and sequin Valentino Haute Couture for Jay-Z’s Oscars 2022 afterparty dress, and now the pregnant superstar is displaying her outfit in all its glory.

Rih, 34, proudly showed her growing baby bump in a high-necked, see-through organza top with a black bandeau underneath at the Chateau Marmont party on Sunday night.


I feel like I can say this ~*~*~*as a woman*~*~*~ but I've just never thought "pregnancy" screamed "sex." All I've ever heard is how awful you feel during it, how you feel like your body doesn't belong to you anymore, that you turn into a milk machine. Sure, there are plenty of people who feel the opposite. "I'm a goddess, I'm creating human life" etc etc. All I know is if I drink a smoothie too fast I'm bloated and not moving from the couch for 6+ hours. How does Rihanna continue to effortlessly stunt in all of our faces with the chicest pregnancy of all time?

Seriously, I hope preggo bitches everywhere know that this is ABSOLUTELY not the standard. NO ONE is at hot as Rihanna. I've never once thought that a pregnant woman looked "hot." Glowing? Sure. Stressed out and miserable? Definitely. But "hot"? Not until Rihanna. It's like she was born to be pregnant. I have girls and friends posting her pregnancy pics on their stories who don't even want kids! It's an anomaly. I wonder if there has been a spike in "pregnancy porn" that we can attribute to Rihanna? 

Hmmm, seems its still business as usual on Google. But it also seems like people might be searching for "men who are pregnant"? Is Rihanna skipping past male arousal, and tapping right into their envious sides? Lots to think about.