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Just Another Day: Congress Is Investigating Dan Snyder For Something New Now


Let's go Congress baby!!!! Big fan of Congress!!!!!

Look, I'll be honest (#ThankYouNate), I have no idea what financial improprieties mean. Who fucking knows. What I do know though is Congress doesn't regularly investigate any other owner besides Dan Snyder. It's something new with that piece of human trash every single day. It never ends. "Nate, all you do is blog about Dan Snyder"...well not my fault! I'd prefer to blog about Super Bowls and franchise quarterbacks and parades down Pennsylvania Avenue. Unfortunately though, my football team is owned by the devil incarnate Dan Snyder so I don't have that luxury. I get to blog about the terrible things he does every day.

But look, I've decided it's now my life's goal to do my tiny little part to expose Dan. I know I'm not doing anything groundbreaking, I'm not 60 Minutes doing an investigation, I'm simply taking the news, putting it on Barstool, and doing it every day until he's removed or sells. That's all I can do. Hope it catches *someone's* eye one time. The more people that know Dan Snyder is absolute trash, the better. Sure it gets repetitive, but isn't that the funny part of it too? There's so much negative press about Snyder compared to every other team. Like, this is the second one just today! That's how bad it is!



I'm a huge fan of Congress. They are investigating Snyder on like 4 different things right now. I've said it one, twice, 100, and 1,000 times- I don't know what it'll take to get him out, but that day will come. It will come. I have to believe that much like your mom, it will come.