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Ho Hum, Everyone In America Is Walking Around With A Credit Card Sized Amount Of Plastic Floating In Their Gut

This is the perfect time to trust your gut.

Recent research suggests that humans consume about five grams of small plastic particles every week, which is about the weight of your credit card.

The plastic particles make their way into the human food chain from packaging waste, entering the body through sea salt, seafood and even drinking water, scientists at the Medical University of Vienna explained.

The nanoplastics — which are less than 0.001 millimeters in size — and microplastics — which span 0.0001 to 5 millimeters — have the ability to change the gut microbiome composition, according to the study published in the journal Exposure & Health.

Basically, these tiny plastics are wreaking havoc on your gut.

Five grams of plastic. Is that a lot? It's one of those things that instantly sounds horrible. Like...whoa, one gram sounds like too much and grams are super mysterious and scary because of the metric system. Even more so because I am not a drug guy. And this is not like oh you get 5 grams in your gut over the course of a life. Nope. It's 5 grams every week. Just little bits of gatorade bottles settling in your gut at an alarming rate. This on the heels of finding it in the bloodstream is not a great look

Having said that...we absolutely put worse things in our body every day. I had 4 reeses easter eggs last night because they're delicious. That is 36 grams of sugar in one sitting. And I was literally sitting so that refined sugar was just converted into fat and will likely lead to an early death in what otherwise would've been a long, boring, and depressing sedentary life. That seems worse for me than plastic. I mean my dad has a brand new knee and that thing has lot of plastic components just living in his body for the rest of his life. Infinitely better than his old organic leg too. Plastic can be good. Let's not just demonize it out of hand because we all have little credit card flakes the size of glitter in our gut. Plastics aren't the problem. There's clearly just too much glitter in the world. I'd actually rather have glitter in my stomach than on my fingers actually. You can't get this shit off but you can probably shit it out. 

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