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Cursive Is By Far The Most Useless Skill You Can Have

On the last episode of the Bracket, we had Feits join in to help us determine what the most useless/worst skill to have is. For me, the one seed is obviously the winner. Do you remember taking cursive in elementary school and being told how useful and important it was going to be for us when we were older? Lies. Absolute and total lies. Lies that are compounded by the fact that all those teachers were told the same thing when they learned cursive, meaning they KNOW that it's not useful. Unless you become an elementary school teacher and have to teach it to children. So I guess the only actual use in learning cursive is to teach it to other people. It's basically some sort of bizarre pyramid scheme. 

I will say that the one good use of script is learning a cool signature. You can easily learn to make one without learning cursive, thought. Anyway, check out the full episode where we figure out many things including the fact that every game is some variation of Marbles.