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The Governor Of North Carolina's Proclamation Declaring The State 'The Center Of College Basketball' Is A Disgusting, Suck-Up Move

Now just wait a goddamn minute here Roy Cooper. You can't have a whole thing about Duke/UNC and then throw in players like Tim Duncan, Earl Monroe, Steph Curry, etc. You can't write about Steve Forbes being ACC Coach of the Year. This is Duke/North Carolina on Saturday. You know what you do? You pick a side. None of this good for everyone and yay both teams bullshit. It's a rivalry. I want people fighting in the dialysis center like Kentucky/Louisville back in the day. 

This is why I don't like politics. Well this and a lot of other reasons. I don't like the sucking up. Old Roy Cooper here is trying to rally the entire state. No. This man went to North Carolina (I checked his Wikipedia). You don't get to say nice things about Duke or even Wake Forest. See, you cheer for a team. You don't get to all of a sudden pump your chest and talk about how good everything is.*

*This doesn't apply to SEC football during bowl games. It just means more. We called it first. 

The only person who is allowed to say something about both schools is Petey Pablo. Hit the music, because I need to smile through the misery.