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The New York Rangers Are The Best Team In The NHL

Yup. You heard it here first. There is zero doubt in my mind that now, more than ever, the New York Rangers are the best team in hockey. There has not been a team more resilient, with more comeback wins in the league this season. The aggressive style Gerard Gallant has branded onto this team is something special to watch. They currently have the odds on Vezina favorite in Igor Shesterkin, a top three scorer in Chris Kreider, last year’s Norris Trophy winner in Adam Fox, Artemi Panarin the assist god, point per game king Mika Zibanejad, and a plethora of young talented forwards and defensemen who continue to get exponentially better. Jacob Trouba is also having a career year and I would be foolish to not mention how great he has been for this hockey club. The list can go on and on.

The #1 hockey podcast producer in the world knows what he's talking about. I always catch a lot of heat from the Chiclets guys about NYR, but I think its just because they love hating on the the team. Which is fine. The Rangers have been shoving it down the haters’ throats ever since they thought their season was going to be a disaster following the Game 1 abomination vs. Washington. 13-5 vs. Eastern Conference teams in the playoffs. Igor Shesterkin has a 1.77 GAA and a .944 SV% vs. the entire Eastern Conference. Record breaking. The power play is ranked #2 in the NHL. Opinions are one thing, but numbers don't lie. Special teams and great goaltending win championships.

Since the deadline, the Rangers have been electric. The new guys have been phenomenal. Andrew Copp has seven points in five games, Frank Vatrano is BUZZING on that top line, and Tyler Motte has been the fourth line/penalty kill grinder this team needed. Just a bunch of hard hat, lunch pail type players that are getting the job done. Chris Drury has assembled a lineup that can go the distance.

Last night was fun. Another special moment in a magical season. I'm sure there's a ton of you out there that can really relate to a moment where you felt the same way about your team. I have been watching the Rangers my entire life. Honestly don't remember the last time I missed a game. The feeling this year has me more confident than I was in 2014. "No Quit In New York" is the teams motto this year and they have continued to exemplify it. 

There's no doubt in my mind people are having a tough time denying they are the best team in the league right now. You can argue overall record and points sure, but no one has been beating the tough opponents like the Rangers have been lately, and thats a fact. The team of destiny has to keep this train rolling though. All gas, no brakes.