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Tom Brady Has Forced Bruce Arians Out. Right Again, Old Balls!

Source - Add this to the craziest, newsiest NFL offseason in modern league history: Bruce Arians, who coached the Buccaneers to a Super Bowl LV victory less than 14 months ago, is stepping aside to take a front-office role with the team effective immediately.

Tampa Bay will install Arians’ preferred successor, defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, as the new head coach. Bowles, 58, previously coached the Jets to a 24-40 record in 2015-18, his only full-time head-coaching job. Bowles, who is Black, would become the sixth minority head coach in the league, joining Mike Tomlin (Pittsburgh), Ron Rivera (Washington), Robert Saleh (Jets), Mike McDaniel (Miami) and Lovie Smith (Houston).

Arians, 69, said his new job would be as “senior consultant for football,” and that gig will start with Tampa Bay’s 2022 draft prep.

I said it when the Brady retirement story first broke. I said he wasn't retiring from the NFL; he was retiring from the Buccaneers. Basically retiring from having Bruce Arians as his head coach. I said it early. I said it often. And I said it at 4:40 pm today:

Sincerely, with all my heart, I'm trying to end the unhealthy relationship I have with Brady's job status in 2022, because it's not doing either one of us any good. From the botched announcement that was leaked by ESPN before Brady got to formally roll it out on his own Man in the Arena show, to all the credible reports that Brady had grown beyond frustrated with Bruce Arians' meddling in an offense he's never worked on and doesn't understand. ...

Then discussing the visit to the Man U. game where Brady met with Bucs ownership and their denial they talked about his unretirement:

The topic of Brady's interest in coming back never came up in all the fast-paced excitement of a soccer game with its constant shots on goal. No one asked what it would take for him to take a stab at another ring. And no one, but no one, made demands that he have more control over the team and the head coach stay the fuck out of his way and let him do everything his way, on the field and in terms of the roster. Nothing was asked, and no promises were made.  …

The only way any of this adds up is that Arians either is totally cucked this year, he "decides" to "retire" himself in order save face, or he gets outright fired at Brady's request. Regardless, there was a quid pro quo at that soccer game. And it involved luring Brady back with a guarantee of more control than any player has ever had in NFL history. No matter how much they lie about it.

And how, just a few hours later, exactly that scenario plays out. To the surprise of a lot of people, exactly none of whom is me. 

Did Old Balls do it again, or did Old Balls do it again? The answer is obvious. The only question is why you would get your  information on this subject from anybody else?

Congratulations to the newest head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tom Brady.