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A Massive Cargo Ship Has Been Stuck In The Chesapeake Bay Mud Right Outside Of Baltimore For 2 WEEKS And They Can’t Get It Out

Remember that boat that got stuck in the Suez Canal last year? Well the company that owns that boat is stuck in the mud again, literally. This time it's right outside of Baltimore in the Chesapeake Bay. The "Ever Forward" owned by Evergreen has been stuck in the mud for over 2 weeks. Literally stuck in the mound. It ran aground and they just can not get this bad boy out. It's a MASSIVE cargo ship, absolutely huge. Over 1,000 feet long and filled to the brim with cargo containers. Luckily it's not blocking any channels or canals, and other cargo boats can go around it, but this thing has just been sitting there for weeks now. Eventually you've got to get it out. It's reported that the boat is stuck in 24 feet of mud, crews have tried digging it out but nothing has worked. Yesterday they tried using seven tugboats to pull it out, they didn't move it an inch. Not one single inch. It's been fascinating to watch. My house is only about 5-10 minutes from this thing and I'm realllll tempted to go on down there and watch them try to get this thing unstuck. 

Add this to another thing I don't get about boats. No one knows how they float and if you say buoyancy you still don't know what it means. But how does a boat get stuck in the mud? Especially a boat this massive. They don't look like they're going fast at all, how can it slowly get stuck in 24 feet of mud? Like how is it not tipping over? It's been windy as hell here lately, they're lucky that thing didn't create a tidal wave after toppling over. They've tried a few times to get it unstuck and may have to settle for offloading some of the cargo containers, about 5,000 of them, onto different boats to make it lighter so the tug boats can pull it out. It's almost funny seeing and reading the updates everyday that a massive cargo ship is quite literally stuck in the mud. They're lining up the tides and the winds to try and time it perfectly so the tug boats can push and pull and still nothing is working. 

It's comical because it is the same company that blocked the Suez in Egypt last year, and the name of the ship is "Ever Forward". Comic relief and its finest. No one knows how to get this thing out, it may be there until the end of summer. Obviously the crew has been evacuated weeks back, so its just a ghost cargo ship currently. Something tells me the Baltimore Coast Guard was not trained for this.

Something tells me this has something to do with McNulty and the Greeks down at the docks. I knew they shouldn't have gotten Ziggy involved.

I'll be dedicating the next few days of my life to monitoring this ship and seeing how many inches the tug boats can move it each day. Kind of hope it stays there forever.