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The "Dave Portnoy Show ft. WSD, Smitty and Co." Is LIVE!!!

Week one is in the books, and it was a resounding success. Sort of. If you were looking for two people running into each other with pots on their heads like Homer and Bart Simpson as if they're mountain goats, you came to the correct spot: 

For the first episode in the launch of a major vertical at Barstool Sports, I'm of the opinion that went swimmingly. Sure, there is some stuff we can touch up, but for two people that don't have any production skillset, we only had to deal with ads and audio issues. The dialogue itself was a home run, if we're being curt.

Episode II is tonight. Tune in for more openness and honesty. Glasnost and perestroika. Lots and lots of glasnost and perestroika.