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Twitter Announced They Are Working On An Edit Button A Day After Elon Musk Asked If People Wanted One And Mere Hours After He Was Added To Twitter's Board

I was gonna get cute by blogging about the timeline of those tweets but as a wise man once said, look at your fucking timestamps.

That clip is still unreal til this day

I'm not much of a puzzle guy and I saw Twitter say this had nothing to do with a poll. But I am still going to thank Elon and his computer brain's attempt at humor for the Edit button 8 bazillion people have asked for over the years, that will almost definitely lead to some weirdo bot tweeting shit at me about weird crypto or Elon shit since that's usually what happens when his name is in one of my tweets.

As for the actual announcement, I guess it's good because it gets people to stop asking for a goddamn Edit button? To be honest, I always hate deleting a tweet because I messed something up after I get a couple of pumps of dopamine to the brain following a handful of retweets before my OCD gets the best of. I personally liked the idea of having an edit option appear for as long as it takes Cheerios to get soggy in a bowl of milk since it is a relatable amount of time that everyone knows which just so happens to be the perfect amount of time to have an edit option out there so some tweet about puppies or breakfast that goes super viral after a minute doesn't get changed to some fucked up propaganda. 

But if Reddit anything other than how screwed we are as a species, it's that people will always feel the need to comment about what they edited in a tweet, which will be more annoying than the occasional typo that only the biggest of schmucks on the internet point out. So I'm ready to take an official stand and say that I hate the Twitter Edit button while also acknowledging I will immediately forget that I hate it  or that there was even a time it didn't exist like every other change Twitter has made over the last decade or so since I remember when people lost their MINDS after Twitter changed the favorite Star to a Heart or the character limit from 140 to 280. You forgot about those too, right? Yeah me too. Anyway, it's time to wrap this blog up and start using the app that has been slowly killing this medium and our attention span for years. See you guys back on the bird!

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