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A Poker Tells Expert Told Us What To Look For And What We May Be Doing Wrong At The Table


One of the most common questions we get DM'd to us on the Cracking Aces Instagram page is "what tells should I be looking for at the table?". I think most of the time, movies/TV wildly exaggerate how important "tells" are at the table. They aren't nearly as important as we thought they were growing up, but if you are observant and can spot tells at the table, that information can make you a lot of money.

So this week on the podcast, we had on a poker tells expert. He explained to us what we should be looking for in other players, what speech patterns usually mean a player is bluffing, and how to stop yourself from getting caught making obvious tells at the table.



I thought it was a very cool conversation, especially since he has been hired to analyze tape at WSOP final tables and spot tells with millions of dollars on the line. 

Also in this episode, Jake analyzed Phil Hellmuth's Q4o hand that took the poker world by storm last week.





Appreciate everyone who subscribes to the podcast! I'm highly considering moving to Vegas for the month of June, so if anyone has a lead on a spot on the strip (I can't live in a house off the strip, don't have a car or driver's license) let me know!