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Roger Goodell Stood At The Podium And Once Again Lied Through His Dirty, Rotten Teeth To Protect Dan Snyder



That is, as the kids say....



Cap. It's the most blatant, obvious lie ever told. We even have proof. Such as…



Do we even need to continue providing proof or is the fact he made himself the center of attention just last month proof enough? And the fact Ron Rivera said Dan sends him notes on QBs and draft evaluations. But yeah, totally removed from the team. IN YOUR BRA! 

Obviously nothing has changed since Dan said he was stepping away from the day to day operations. I mean fuck, he named his wife the CEO. And he is technically co-CEO. Nothing has changed. Not a god damn thing. He just hired new puppets, but he's still Geppetto pulling the strings. And you'd have to be a moron to think otherwise.

Just remember- this isn't the first time Goodell has bold faced lied for Snyder. He did similar at the Fall meetings before the season.




It's just lie after lie after lie. Goodell and Snyder get richer, everyone else suffers. Do you ever stop and think how insane the whole thing is? They did a full investigation and upon seeing the results, they decided not to release a report. That's LUNACY. And they just continue to cover for Snyder. Who knows what it'll take to get Snyder out, but it seems him and Goodell go hand in hand now. If Snyder goes, Goodell should too. Man. I don't know how it'll happen, but what a glorious day that day will be.