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The Crimes Now Being Alleged Against Chael Sonnen Are Horrific

Ethan Miller. Getty Images.

You may recall MMA fighter turned ESPN analyst Chael Sonnen getting arrested this past December in a Las Vegas incident where we were told by various sources that he got into a brawl defending his wife….

I think a lot of us were picturing some heroic fight against multiple attackers who didn't know who they were messing with, like something out of The Matrix….

However, this past week, a couple who was attacked by Chael during this rampage has spoken out after Sonnen was slapped with 11 counts of battery. Here's part of their interview courtesy of MMANews.com….

In a recent interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Stellpflugs accuse Sonnen of attacking them in a hallway at the Four Seasons Hotel shortly after the initial alleged encounter. Christopher alleges he was the main target and that Sonnen hit him with elbows during a scramble on the ground and that Sonnen at one point put him in a chokehold.

As Julie attempted to stop the chaos, Sonnen allegedly threw her against the wall and punched her in the face multiple times. She claims she “slid down the wall, tasting blood in her mouth as she fell to the floor.”

The Stellpflugs also alleged that Sonnen attacked a random hotel guest shortly before the encounter and their altercation with Sonnen was unprovoked.

“I just want people to know it was a totally unprovoked attack,” Christopher said. “We were just walking into our room to plan a sushi dinner. We did nothing wrong, and this guy went on a crazy rampage.” 

According to them, they were just walking up to their room, saw Chael with a bloody shirt just making random noises, and then he attacked them like a zombie. Terrifying. Oh, and both of them thought they were going to die during the alleged attack, according to the interview…..

Julie and Christopher Stellpflug claimed that they feared for their lives in the attack, with Christopher claiming his thought process at the time being, “Am I going to die? Is this monster going to kill my wife next, and my kids will have no parents?”

According to the lawsuit, the couple were returning to their room in the evening when a supposedly intoxicated man was ‘uttering unintelligible noises’ while barefoot and wearing a torn, bloody shirt around his neck. 

“Dr. Stellpflug, helplessly laying on the floor, then witnessed Sonnen turn his attention to Mrs Stellpflug and viciously attack her,” wrote attorney Kory Kaplan in the lawsuit.

The report points to the multiple people that Sonnen injured as being; a different guest he punched beforehand, the couple making the claims, a hotel guest who tried to break up the incident and multiple security guards.

According to TMZ Sports, he even allegedly decked an engineer for the hotel for opening a door….

In the docs, officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. say they responded to the Four Seasons Hotel on Dec. 18 regarding an alleged fight between Sonnen and several other people, including security guards.

Cops in the documents say a Four Seasons Engineer told them the altercation all started as he was coming out of a room.

Cops say the man said as soon as he opened the door, Sonnen punched him in the jaw. Officers say the man told them he then closed the door and called for security.

We've been joking a lot about Judd Apatow's horrendous "He could've killed him." tweet about Will Smith/Chris Rock since the Oscars, but this ain't no joke - Chael could've killed any one of these alleged people. Especially the small woman he allegedly beat the shit out of in that hallway, leaving her tasting blood and wondering if her children were gonna wake up orphans tomorrow. This is fucking HORRIBLE. Imagine yourself in that scenario, walking down a hotel hallway on vacation with your girlfriend, and CHAEL FUCKING SONNEN starts beating the fuck out of both of you.

Plus, going back to the whole original story I'm sure Brendan Schaub heard from Chael, where he said he was "defending his wife" - the police report says that Chael's wife Brittany was in her hotel room asleep the entire time, and woke up with injuries and bruises on her body she didn't know anything about. It's all a BAAAAD BAD look for a once beloved personality in the mixed martial arts realm, and it's absolutely insane that Chael has kinda just carried on since this allegedly went down like business as usual. 

If the reports are true, he got blackout drunk/pilled up (wouldn't surprise me if sleeping pills are involved, as his wife reportedly took Ambien that night) and went on an all out rampage like he was in Grand Theft Auto trying to rack up 5 stars without any weapons. It'll be very interesting to see how this all unfolds in coming months. He's due in court on April 18th so I'm sure we'll hear more then.

We discuss this story and much much more on today's edition of the Spinnin Backfist MMA Show, so check that out now….