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I Could Listen To This Shohei Ohtani Home Run Forever

This is the sound I missed the most, a Shohei Ohtani homer. There is a select group of guys, Tatis Jr., Soto, Acuña Jr., Vlad Jr., and Ohtani. The noise the home runs make off their bats is just different, this clip is a perfect example. It's baseball porn, that's what it is. This angle coupled with the sound makes this such a sick clip. It's just your standard oppo taco from Ohtani, but the up close video makes it so much better. Honestly I need these camera angles to be that close all the time, strictly for the sound. Obviously this is still spring training and not ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, but I need to hear the sound all the time. Could feel it in my chest when Shohei connected. An awesome clip of the former and soon to be repeat MVP.