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Can Somebody Tell Me How The Fuck This Is Allowed? Not Just In Sport But In Society?

Both Brutus and Chief blogged this story yesterday, but I think they both missed the real point. 

Both made mention of the laser pointers being blasted at my man Saleh here on his PK, but each of them glossed over it like it was totally normal, and acceptable behavior.

What the fuck are we talking about here fellas?

The laser pointer is one of the worst inventions human beings have ever been responsible for.

It's right up there with the facebook, *67 for phone dialing back in the day (what the fuck was the purpose of this besides fueling the crank call industry?), Windows 94, The Zune, Laserdiscs, and subprime mortgages.

What the fuck was holding back professors and motivational speakers before its existence?

Laser Pointer apologists are on the record as citing its usefulness in highlighting key points on a board in front of large crowds.

But like nuclear technology, it's fallen into the wrong hands and wreaked havoc on the world ever since.

Take for instance the FAA's stance on laser pointers.

You get caught shining one of those God-forsaken things up at a plane and you're looking at 15+ years hard time. No questions asked.


Because they're fucking dangerous.

They can literally blind somebody from miles and miles away. And when I say somebody I say pilots at the wheel of airliners carrying hundreds of passengers. Kind of a big deal.

For another example take this dipshit mouth breather from Kansas City, Missoura a few years back at a Chiefs game 

You'll never believe it but Jerry was all over this story when it broke 

They caught the son of a bitch, who turned out to be a 64-year-old pillar of society and almost throw him in jail for a year.

So I thought we as a society, as in the human race, were pretty cut and dry on where we stood with laser pointers and shining them in people's eyes. That it was established it was no bueno and there were repercussions for doing so…


(Yah bro, gotta respect it. Totally.)

I was aghast.

Giphy Images.

Stunned I tell you.

Surely, the officials would pause play until the bullshit ceased right? Surely an announcement would be made over the PA telling the assholes shining the lasers if they didn’t stop they’d be arrested and banned from the stadium? Right?


The poor bastard missed the kick and his team was eliminated from qualifying for the World Cup. Kinda a big deal.

These fans are pieces of shit and the officials that allowed this to happen, FIFA included are pussies.

Speaking of FIFA, if they weren’t the most corrupt organization on the planet (outside the City of Chicago), they’d have the balls to lay down the law on this kind of tomfoolery, but they got no marbles.

I scrolled twitter to see if there was any fall out and this was the first thing I saw.

I loved it and was pumped to see the fans rebelling.

But then I did a little background check and realized it was actually Ghana…


Fucking mayhem.

FIFA is an absolute clown show. 

P.s.- This really helped