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I Want Ryan Poles To Get Me This QB, RB, Linebacker Hybrid Guy From Montana State Immediately

When your position is simply "Athlete" I get excited. A distinction that is normally reserved for high school quarterbacks who are freaks of nature so they play QB in high school, but don't have a D1 future at that position so they get recruited under the tag that means "just get this kid in here and give him pads and we will figure the rest out later". That is what the Bears need to be thinking. 

I mean just look at this stat line

Absolutely preposterous. If he can jump out of a pool from underwater he might just be the 1st overall pick. 

If I know one thing about the Bears it's that they have a ton of holes to fill. Getting a guy who can play LB, then check in at running back, and then have a QB package is exciting. He is Mile High Taysom Hill. You know who else is on board? Mel Kiper Jr and Todd McShay

No word to my knowledge of what Steven Cheah thinks about him, but these two say he's a mid 2nd round pick and a Day 1 starter. Maybe at linebacker using that 4.4 speed to play next to Roquan and fuck people up for the next 7 years. Maybe he moonlights as a backup for Fields and Monty. All I know is that I need this guy in Chicago and I need that to happen yesterday.