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Senegal Advances To The World Cup And It's Largely Thanks To .... Lasers

I've always enjoyed watching Senegal play soccer. They are good and have sick jerseys. But this? Come on. I'm all for homefield advantage but you can't be having a laser party like it's a shitty DJ on stage here. This is advancing to a World Cup. You gotta do something if you're a ref or part of AFCON. Now sure their whole premise of how you qualify is flawed, but that's not the point here. Look at the difference of Salah's PK vs Mane's. 

It was even the goalie too. 

That's brutal. Lasers have been sort of a taboo subject in the game forever, but this is as ridiculous as I've ever seen it. Like I said this wasn't a friendly or anything like that. The winner went to the fucking World Cup. Pretty big! I still laugh that we decide shit on PKs. I mean is it entertaining? Obviously. But imagine playing a full match only to have it be a PK situation. Can we get some sudden death or something instead? Especially when we're talking about major events on the line. 

If this happened to the US I'd be writing a bunch of stern tweets about it. Angry even.