Jim Carrey on "Spineless" Hollywood's Standing Ovation For Will Smith: "We Aren't The Cool Kids Anymore"

God damn!  As a great philosopher once said, "it really be your own people" sometimes. Jim Carrey just turned his back on Hollywood like it was a polio vaccine. "We aren't the cool kids anymore." Tough to think of an accusation more devastating to the people it's directed at.

I mean he's not wrong. (About Hollywood being spineless, not about polio vaccines.) Hollywood has always been an absolute bizarro world completely detached from reality and real life.  Which, yes, is kind of the point. But it's still fascinating how the most worshipped and idolized people that we put on the highest pedestal of all the pedestals are a bunch of theater-majors and home-schooled weirdos.  Virtually the exact polar opposite of the real world most of us experienced, where the "cool kids" were the athletes and popular kids in high school who drank early and threw the best parties that me and those kids were never invited to. Leo DiCaprio started performing at age 2 and was a high-school dropout who dreamed of being a marine biologist and was named Leonardo. Keanu Reeves became an actor at 15 and went to an alternative school well known for it's classes on painting and ceramics (to be fair he was a hockey player in Catholic school before that, described as "successful" which means he no doubt had a respectable body count. Also he was expelled, which is badass). Ryan Gosling dropped out of high school to join the Mickey Mouse Club.  Shoot Jim Carrey himself was a janitor at a steel mill who dropped out at 16 to do comedy because he could make funny faces in the mirror.

Those are the Kings of Cool. And celebrity worship is arguably stronger than ever. I mean I just wrote those sentences myself, show me a Keanu story in 5 minutes and I'll blog about how much of the fucking MAN he is in between John Wick GIFs, and I will absolutely continue wishing I wake up one day as Gosling in (his scripted, acted role in) Crazy Stupid Love. That's Hollywood, baby.  I just said Jim Carrey had a point not that I was above it. 

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