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Not Your Typical Knicks: They May Suck This Season But At Least They Already Are Saying No To Russell Westbrook

You may not be able to hear it, but this is a sigh of relief from everyone here with a brain. Yeah, the Knicks suck. Yeah, we barely have a point guard. Yeah, Thibs still refuses to just play the young guys and figure out more of what we have with Quickley, Obi, Deuce and Grimes. But at least we're not out here trying to get Russell Westbrook. I'm not even an anti-Russ guy. I think he always got a lot of hate for being a damn good player. But this version of Russ? 

No thank you.

This has basically been a 3-year running thing. Every year there was a rumor that the Knicks were going to try and trade for Russ and his awful contract. That used to be the biggest problem. His contract was/is brutal. Now he's just not the player worth it even remotely close at all. 

I know we're the Knicks and we're used to losing. But I'm sick of it! Let me be more specific. I'm sick of losing the way we are without letting the young guys play. I'm sick of Alec Burks out there. RJ is for sure a player you can build around who isn't a No. 1 but can be a top-3 guy on a decent team. Russ sets it all back even more. The Knicks finally and actually have draft picks. They even have cap space. Sure, the likely outcome is always missing out on the big name because that's what we do. But you can't trade for Russ. Not now. 

So yeah I'm chalking it up as a minor win for the Knicks. We need them.