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The Wizards Now Have The Sweetest Jerseys In The League


These are about as good as it gets. Wow. Color me impressed. I always say most team names are stupid, it's the branding that really matters. And while "Wizards" is a rather...lame name for a pro sports team, the Wizards uniforms are always gas. And these "Bloom City" editions, they are absolutely beautiful. Could argue they are now the nicest jerseys in the entire league. 



I absolutely love these. 


How you know they rule is the internet, which more or less hates everything, but especially hates whenever a team tweets out a new jersey, loves these. They're so clean, the attention to detail is there, and they're going to look amazing on the court.



Good on our Washington Wizards. I wrote a couple weeks ago how great of a time I had at the game I can't wait to see these in action. Due to my lack of muscle tone I won't be buying one myself, but I'll definitely buy some tshirts or hoodies. 




PS: Terrible timing for our Nationals, who ALSO released a Cherry Blossom jersey today. It's sweet too. Not as sweet. But still sweet enough.