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A Colombian Drug Lord Named "Matamba" Escaped From Prison By Walking Right Out Of It Wearing A Guard’s Uniform

BBC- A prison guard has been arrested in Colombia following the escape of gang leader Juan Castro from the maximum-security La Picota jail in Bogotá.

Castro, better known under his alias "Matamba", escaped in the early hours of Friday and is still on the run.

CCTV footage appears to show him leaving through an open cell door wearing a guard's uniform.

President Iván Duque said he was outraged by Matamba's escape and announced a reform of the jail system. 

The director of La Picota has been suspended along with more than 50 prison guards who were on shift at the time of Matamba's escape, according to prosecutor Margarita Cabello.

Matamba had been in jail since May 2021 following his arrest on drugs charges and was wanted for extradition by the United States.

He is accused of running up to 20% of the cocaine shipments from Nariño province, in Colombia's south-west.

Colombia gonna Colombia.

Fuckin anything goes over there. You gotta love it. And be terrified at the same time.

I’ve seen one too many Narcos-esque documentaries on the drug trade there and the people involed in it over there value life like they value soiled underwear. Better to just get rid of them and toss them in the trash than take the time to clean them.

But here’s the thing. What else do you expect from these guards?

Every single person in “law enforcement” is probably on the take. All the way up the ladder to the top. If they’re not, they’re either John Wayne or plain stupid.

They could easily be collecting their civic paycheck as well as some nice cash on the side from the cartel for looking the other way or for springing one of their “el jefes” from the clink FOR THE THIRD TIME.

No joke.

It is not the first time Matamba has broken out of prison, there are at least two previous instances in which he fled, but both times he was recaptured.

In 2018, he went as far as faking his own death while on medical leave from prison to avoid being returned to his cell, Colombian weekly Semana reports. 

When he resurfaced, it was under a fake name and a new look, following plastic surgery.

Police finally caught up with him last year in a luxury apartment in the city of Floridablanca, where he was getting ready to celebrate his birthday. 

His escape is the latest in a series of scandals to hit Colombia's prison service. 

Earlier this month, its director was sacked after a jailed influential businessman was repeatedly ferried to private meetings by prison staff.

El Matamba is a slippery little rascal huh?

Faking his own death and going all Castor Troy on everybody having his face reconstructed.

Giphy Images.

It’s safe to say Matamba is an American film buff considering this wasn’t the only movie he stole ideas from.

Nope. Tell me where you’ve heard this one before.

Guards noticed Matamba was not in his cell during the early morning roll call on Friday. 

Surveillance footage released by Colombia's prison service shows a man they say is Matamba calmly leaving the prison wing through a door left ajar in what looks like a guard's uniform. 

No guards are seen in the footage, only a little dog appears to notice the man leaving.

The guard suspected of handing him the uniform and leaving the door open has been arrested. Prosecutors said he would be charged on Tuesday with aiding a prisoner's escape.

Like a Hispanic Ben Affleck, he threw on some blues and calmly walked out like he owned the bitch. 


Except his plan worked perfectly.

You gotta think the guard who took the fall for this has been handsomely rewarded and the others in on it will see to it that he gets off light in exchange for his cooperation.

What a shit show Colombia.

P.s.- I know people now who have been drugged in Colombia by that “Devil’s Flower” stuff. Have people heard of it? Feitelberg told me about it years ago and I thought he was just full of shit. But I talked to another buddy who went down there and it happened to him too. Absolute horror story and just another reason I have no desire to ever go there. No offense Shakira.

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