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Will Smith Officially Apologized To Chris Rock On Instagram For The Slap Heard 'Round The Internet

So that ends all that I guess. A succinct, well written Instagram post by what I imagine was one of Will Smith's publicists where the caption is the same exact as the written picture that is two (2) pages long so you know it's from the heart. Imagine telling someone back in the 90s that Will Smith would win an Oscar for Best Actor in 2022 but it would be overshadowed because he bitch slapped Chris Rock earlier in the night? True head explosion shit. 

As for the actual apology, I personally would've apologized to Questlove for completely overshadowing his big moment since I feel like Questlove is one of the few people that pretty much all of the internet likes. I also would've put a "P.S. Keep my wife's name out of your fucking mouth" at the end to make sure I got my point across and maybe gone with one of those sad dog Sorry pictures instead of the double text, which honestly just feels lazy.

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However, the "I am a work in progress" was a flat out brilliant line to wrap things up because only assholes can get mad at someone that says they are a work in progress. Slap someone in the face? It's okay, you are a work in progress. Wife gets mad you forgot to turn the heat off in the house AGAIN. Just an honest mistake by a work in progress. Whatever Barstool employee Portnoy sends a company-wide email about how they fucked up followed by being a segment on the Dave Portnoy Show? Everyone at this company is a goddamn work in progress (JK, I don't think that excuse works on Dave).

I know this started out as a blog about an apology, but I wanted to thank Will Smith for giving us a glimpse of what the internet used to be back in the day when everyone got their jokes off after crazy shit happened along with a Hall of Fame meme that was already driven into the ground. 

Also no offense to Will, who has had a HELL of a 24 hours, but there is at least one example of violence not being poisonous and that is when the Jackass guys do it. Maybe he should apologize to them next and give Johnny Knoxville his Best Actor Oscar since Jackass Forever got completely snubbed by The Academy yet again. Yes this is an excuse for me to finish this blog with some Jackass clips.