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Roman Abramovich And Ukrainian Peace Negotiators Were Allegedly Poisoned With Chemical Weapons

The Chelsea owner, 55, fell ill along with two Ukrainian peace negotiators, in an attack blamed on hardliners in Moscow who they say want to sabotage their talks designed to end the war.

Symptoms included red eyes, constant and painful tearing, and peeling skin on their faces and hands, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Abramovich also lost his sight for several hours as a result of the attack, according to The Guardian.

The billionaire and at least two members of his Ukrainian counterparts fell ill shortly after a meeting in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv earlier this month.

A fourth member of the team did not fall ill, despite having the same food and drink as them.

His spokesperson confirmed that he suffered symptoms of suspected poisoning.

Rough month for Roman Abramovich

Your psycho best friend invades the homeland of your grandparents

Then because that psycho made you ungodly wealthy, countries and institutions around the world froze your assets. 

Your prized possession, a soccer team that you spent 15+ years pouring billions of dollars into and won many trophies, is also being taken from you

Your armada of super yachts are being seized all over the world. 

And when you try to broker a peace...bam, here is a poisoned dinner in Kyiv. 

Imagine being such a hardline Russian politician or operative that you think the best solution to win the war with Ukraine is to poison someone trying to broker a peace. It is impossible to know how bad things truly are on the ground in Ukraine and what news is true or false or whatever. The fog of war casts doubt over everything. Who knows if this is even true. Who knows if Abramovich planted this story just to get himself back in the good graces of the West. I could see a situation where Abramovich fake poisons himself so he can turn to different countries and banks and be like "SEE!!! He hates me too. I am on the side of peace. I wanted peace for the homeland of my ancestors and this guy fucking poisoned me for it. Can I have my soccer club back now?". 

All I know for certain is that it is still better to be in America than Russia. We have done and do some fucked up shit, but I don't think we've ever poisoned a private citizen billionaire who was trying to find a peaceful solution to a war. At least not that I know of. 

We did a whole episode on Abramovich, his background, and how Putin helped make him one of the richest men on Earth overnight with some shady business dealings. Watch below