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We Got Kanye's Account Suspended From Instagram

WE'RE BACK!!!! We missed you guys very much & we are very happy to be back. While we were gone we missed a lot. This episode we are catching back up & we have a lot to say. I want to start by admitting to the world that it is me who got Kanye West kicked off of Instagram. Around the time I got him suspended we were sent an email saying Instagram's guidelines got more strict. If they got more strict, how could Kanye be harassing Kim, Pete & nearly every person on the internet? So I reported his account. Like clockwork, 6 hours later he was SUSPENDED. I tell the full story on the podcast & it's worth the listen. 

We also have a great interview with the one & only Keke Palmer!

For the full breakdown listen to today's Chicks in the Office here: