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The Detroit Lions Are Your 2022 Hard Knocks Team

We briefly interrupt your Will Smith vs. Chris Rock updates with the NFL announcing that the Detroit Lions are the Hard Knocks team this year. Not quite Tom Brady cucking the NCAA Tournament selection show or trades involving legitimate superstars happening right before a slate of tourney games. But an interesting little nugget nonetheless.

I can't lie, Hard Knocks has lost a good chunk of its luster over the years with the show hitting the same storylines as well as the social media giving us a peak behind the curtain of a football team's life that doesn't require us tuning into HBO whenever the hell Hard Knocks is on these. However, there was one card that Goodell and HBO could play that would make the show Must Watch material and they played it by putting cameras in a Dan Campbell locker room.

Jared Goff will probably give us an update about if he learned where the sun rises after going from the west coast to the midwest, Amon-Ra St. Brown is going to move even higher on my fantasy Big Board because he finished last season looking like the next Jerry Rice and will now have the Hard Knocks glow on him, and if we are lucky we will get a shot of the biggest Lions fans on the planet. 

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But I think it's fair to say that if Dan Campbell cannot make people watch Hard Knocks, it's time to bury the show like the Lions buried the football from that Eagles game (the Lions tied their very next game against the playoff bound Steelers for what its worth, proving that burying a ball does work sometimes, even though it most certainly did NOT work this time).

Ahhhhh who am I kidding? Regardless of if any of us watch one minute of this season or not, we are all gonna get hyped as FUCK when we hear this glorious melody play for the first time and letting us know that football is almost back in our lives.

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Never fails.