HUGE NEWS: The Barstool Fund Is Looking To Give Grants To Military, Veteran, First Responders, and National Guard Members Who Own Small Businesses

To say I'm amped about this news would be a large understatement. I'm amped because the Barstool Fund, which started in March of 2020, is still open for business and ready to help those who need it. While any small businesses that have been impacted by covid, whether from a loss of business, an increase in expenses related to covid rules and regulations, or supply chain issues can still apply for funding - we are launching a campaign specifically targeting current military, veteran, and national guard owned and operated businesses. We are hoping to guide 3 MILLION DOLLARS in funding to our brothers and sisters in arms.

These will be one-time grants, really investments in your business, that you as the owner will use to help recover from the impact of covid. Whether you saw your business struggle because you were in the Guard and activated longer than expected or if you were just getting started with your small business and covid threw the world's largest wrench into your operation or whether you have had a business for a few decades and the country changed so the outlook of your business did as well, we got ya. We want to get this money in your hands so that you can continue doing what you do. It's that simple. Your business might need a little help and, through the generosity of others, we are in the position to be able to do just that. 

Go to to apply today. The process doesn't take long, we will review your application, and then get back to you in a few weeks. 


GO APPLY NOW! And then subscribe to your podcast. It's legit the least you could do smh