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Wake Up With "Glove Slap" by Homer Simpson ft. The B-52s

I knew Will Smith bitch slapping Chris Rock was 100% real the second I saw the uncut version. 

That was sincere, 100% genuine pissed off dad/husband anger pouring out of Will Smith's veins. Was is warranted? Hell no. But pissed off dad/husband anger knows no bounds. It doesn't have a jurisdiction and will often times fly off the handle, as proven by Will Smith last night. 

I got two comments on it total - 

1. I wasn't watching the Oscars. I hate awards shows because it's a bunch of limousine liberals sucking each other off while waxing poetic about how everyone else should think from their smug, off the reservation high horses. Once I saw the internet melt down I immediate turned off Peaky Blinders (started a rewatch last night) and immediately flipped on ABC. So it brought them ratings. Cool... I guess. 

2. I kinda lost respect for Will Smith. I don't really put him in the category above. Seems like a cool cat. But if you're gonna defend your wife's honor, you have to closed fist cold cock Chris Rock last night... not bitch slap him. I know there's not a single "fight bone" in Chris Rock's body but a bitch slap is a.... bitch?.... move. Either get in his face and intimidate him so he pisses his pants in front of the whole world or knock him out cold. Bitch slapping is not the right move. 

Rock handled it about as well as he could have though