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Stephen A Smith Has Been UNLOADING On Will Smith On Twitter All Night...Just The Wrong Will Smith


So...yeah. Biggest story in the universe is obviously the Will Smith/Chris Rock slap heard round the world. And Will Smith, right after it happened, tweeted the above "Whelp." Only thing is...that ain't the same Will Smith. 



Fake Will Smith went with it for a little bit, igniting the fire just for the laughs



Unfortunately for Fake Will Smith, when your Twitter is "WillSmith", a lot of people will find you. And one of those people was none other than the king himself, Stephen A Smith!






This is a bad night to be Real Will Smith, but a great night to be Fake Will Smith. Stephen A. just UNLOADING on this poor Twitch streamer has allowed him to gain over 100,000 followers tonight (for some reason I think I looked early on and it was at 10,000…but it could have been 100,000, I cannot remember what I saw).

On the other hand…a case of wrong identity could always be very, very bad as well….