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Watch This When You're High - Stanley Kubrick and The Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory, The "Wendy Theory", and The Occult

Thanks for the suggestion from @twonbit on this one. 

Kubrick was a pretty fascinating guy while he was alive and remains so since his passing.

Rogan did a deep dive on Kubrick and the moon landing conspiracy theory with Greg Fitzsimmons about a year ago that was pretty interesting.

In the interview, the two discuss the theory that Kubrick confessed to his role in faking the moon landing through his films, namely The Shining.

Theorists have doubted the landing through the years for various reasons:

Who shot the event from outside the capsule?,’ ‘How is the American flag waving?,’ ‘Why do the shadows look like they are the result of multiple light sources?,’ ‘Why is the letter C visible on one of the rocks? (which looks like a prop on a film set)’

The conspiracy theory begins with Kubrick’s 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey that released just one year before America claimed that they had landed their first manned mission on the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

In the 2012 documentary Room 237, these clues were deeply examined by Jay Weidner.

The Indian Express - In the beginning of the film, we are told that Overlook Hotel stands on an Indian burial ground. The manager who meets with Jack has an American flag on his table with an eagle looking over them. This is taken as a nod to the ‘Eagle’ which was the name of lunar landing module that carried Apollo 11. It is also assumed that Overlook Hotel represents America with its long brutal history.

The Shining is based on a book by Stephen King but Kubrick changed a lot of details when he made the movie and one of those elements is the appearance of the dead twins. In the book, there was a single child but it is believed that Kubrick used the twins to signify the failed Gemini mission by NASA.

In a shot taken from above, we see Danny playing in the corridor on a patterned carpet. Conspiracy theorists believe that it looks strikingly similar to the Appollo 11 launch pad.

Danny eventually rises up from the carpet and he is seen wearing a sweater with a rocket with the text Apollo 11. This is seen as the big clue that Kubrick is indeed talking about his involvement with the ‘fake moon landing’ project.

As Danny rises up with from the carpet (seen as launch pad) wearing his sweater (Apollo 11), he enters the dreaded Room 237. In the book, the room number was 217 but it is widely believed that Kubrick changed it to 237 as the distance between the Earth and the moon is roughly 237,000 miles.

In a spine-chilling scene, the audience, along with Jack’s wife, discovers that all his writing comprises of one sentence written over and over again – ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. While it’s kind of a long shot, conspiracy theorists believe that the ‘All’ actually signifies ‘A11’ i.e. Apollo 11.

Then there's "The Wendy Theory"

This video is pretty crazy but if you don't want to watch 40 minutes of the explanation, it basically says that Kubrick gives the viewer a clue when Wendy is experiencing a hallucination using the camera's placement. According to the theory, when the camera is facing the back of the characters, the perspective of the story shifts into Wendy's perception of reality.

Chief did a deep dive on debunking all this on Dogwalk that’s really well done -

Then there's also the whole subject of the occult often synonymous with Kubrick's name.

Before filming Eyes Wide Shut, featuring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, Kubrick allegedly did a ton of research regarding the occult, freemasonry, and secret societies. Many people believe that he was killed for exposing what he learned in the film.

(Kubrick died in his house of a sudden heart attack at age 70)

There’s also a lot of chatter regarding the script for the film and how the screenplay writer came into knowing everything he did before even approaching Kubrick.

Many people also believe that the film that was released was an extremely edited version from what Kubrick originally wished to. 

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