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Cardi B's Security Guard Taking A Ride On The Tea Cups Is As Dedicated To His Job As It Gets


I love this video. That security guard has laser focus unlike I've ever seen in my life. Dude is spinning every which way, getting dizzier by the second, but is surveying the crowd like a man ready to pounce on anyone and everyone.




I love the imagery of someone trying to attack Cardi and the security guard bursting up out of his tea cup, being dizzy as hell, stumbling around all off balanced trying to get to the perpetrator. Would he have been better off on the sideline? Who's to say. Makes me think my man just wanted to ride the tea cups. He didn't go to Disney Land not to hop on the cups and get a good spin. He probably also tries everyone's Mickey Waffles and ice creams before they do, just in case. Can never be too careful.

Still my favorite famous person/security picture though:



Not sure what that accomplishes, but he's zoned in, ready to crush skulls if anyone were to sneak up behind her on the roller coaster.