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This NCAA Tournament Has Officially Turned Into My Ultimate Nightmare

There it is. It's officially my biggest nightmare coming to life. It's not even Duke/UNC in a Final Four. It's Kansas, it's Villanova. It's the most blue blood Final Four and Kentucky lost to St. Peter's. Saint fucking Peter's. Now all week we have to listen to Duke/UNC and how it's a storybook ending for K to finally play UNC in the Tournament during his final career. We're going to hear all about redemption from the end of the regular season. 

Everything about this is my nightmare. I don't even hate Villanova, I just have family that's tied to there and I gotta listen to them. It's the blue blood Final Four. It's all the jokes that have already been going on for the last week and a half. It's the texts I'm getting from Marty that just say 'hey did you hear Duke made the Final Four?' It's the texts from my UNC friends about it all. It's the ultimate nightmare. The moment Kentucky lost I wanted- nay, I needed - mayhem. We almost had it. I would have done anything for an Arkansas, Houston, Miami, Saint Peter's Final Four as shitty as it would have been. 

It sure as shit doesn't help watching the Elite Eight be one decently close game and then three blowouts. It sure as shit doesn't help seeing UNC kick Saint Peter's ass. Even when UK missed the Tournament last year it was just ... it was how it was supposed to go. Baylor vs Gonzaga. This year? This year has been haywire all over the place ... until today. That's what makes it even worse. It's the first Elite Eight since 2008 where the better seed won every single game. The worst part is there's nothing I can say back. There's no rebuttal. There's no spin zone. Just sadness for 8 months until it's next year. 

Actually the worst part is how I have to hate watch a blue blood Final Four. I don't want a Duke or UNC team in the title game. That's called being a fan. I don't want to hear how Nova is going for a 3rd title or how Bill Self could get his second. Strictly on names it should be awesome. But I'm invested as a fan of a team who didn't get there. Now sure it's tough as shit to make the Final Four and teams don't make it every year. But this is just different. At least every other year it wasn't all blue bloods. It wasn't losing to a 15 seed. There couldn't be one more day of mayhem? 

I miss March being fun from a completely selfish version. This is my vent and rant. 

Now please go get 3 points USMNT. This is what's important today.