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Nick Castellanos' First Hit With The Phillies Came As The Broadcast Was Reading A DUI Apology On Behalf Of The Blue Jays' Pitching Coach

You can be a cynic and claim the producers timed the reading of this apology with Castellanos' at bat, I wouldn't fault you one bit for thinking that way. It's probably true. But this is still baseball. Castellanos at best puts a ball into play and ends up on first base 27.8% of the time. More often than not that read comes and goes and whichever player grounds out to short and sits back down on the bench. This is what separates the good from the elite. Timing is everything, and I'm not sure any player in the history of sports has had more sense of the moment than Nicky C. To my knowledge he's the only player in baseball that has to be debriefed when he returns to the bench. "What happened in the world this time, Skip?" "Australia is gone. Wiped completely off the face of the Earth. No one knows why. Never seen anything like it. It would appear they never stood a chance when you swung 3-0 and put one in the parking lot. The world will never know the warm embrace of a sleepy koala bear ever again." "Ahh jeez."