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Frank Martin Is Threatening To Fart Around And/Or On A Guy Who Made The Dumb Mistake Of Trying To Troll Him On Twitter

Ole Michael Cobbs had a good run, but it's over now. There are few certainties in life, but one is Frank Martin will live up to a promise. If he's threatening to fart around and/or on you, he's going to do it. Frank Martin is the most terrifying coach in college basketball, arguably all of college sports. The man was a bouncer in Miami in the 80s and 90s. You think this guy isn't going to fart on someone? Buddy,,,,

Andy Lyons. Getty Images.

I mean this is a great hire by UMass. Who else is taking this job? It's not a great job. There hasn't been that much success since Calipari left it. They've made the Tournament once since 1998. They haven't made it since 2014, they need someone to come in and help revive the program. Frank Martin can do that. 

I love this though. I need Frank Martin to fart on this guy. He gets to UMass, shakes hands with Coley and then finds Michael Cobbs and delivers a loud, wet fart. Not a squeaker. A man fart. One that you can hear from the rest of the A-10 schools.