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Nate Diaz Requests To Be Released From The UFC

This is such a hilarious tweet on a few levels. I love Nate Diaz. Let's start with the fact that I'm pretty sure he just wants to get released from the UFC so that he could sign a deal with Bellator (where some of his friends fight) and he could get a free vacation to Hawaii....


Nate also says he's been asking for a fight forever now, though....

….and to his credit, I believe him and Dustin Poirier legitimately want to fight each other and don't know why the UFC hasn't made that happen yet. I even asked Dana about it a couple interviews ago, but never really got a clear answer. They could just be waiting for the Summer I suppose.

Back to Nate's tweet though, he writes it "@danawhite @hunter" - where he goes 1-for-2 on the correct handles of Dana White and UFC Executive Vice President Hunter Campbell - and then apologizes for asking online. That's my favorite part, the "I apologize for asking online" - how polite!

Obviously he's not going to be granted this release here, but this is a great time to remind you that the Spinnin Backfist parlay is 3-0 up +13.05 units in the past three weeks and we're going for our fourth tonight!

Check out our latest show which features a UFC Columbus preview and an interview with 2x NCAA Champion (and future MMA fighter) Roman Bravo Young now!


UPDATE: Ilir Latifi pulled out of his fight with a non-COVID related illness, so our parlay is null and void. Everyone will be refunded.