The Legend Of Doug Continues To Grow With Each Word He Speaks And Tweets

I've long said one of the keys to having a deep run and becoming memorable is having a name. Think about it through somewhat recent history. Melo, Jimmer, Kemba, Shabazz are all one-named stars. We had sweet team names like Dunk City. We had initials like AD. All quick and you know exactly who we're talking about. Well we're adding a new one. 


The man is a menace with that mustache and all he does is apparently make shots and make quotes. Sure he just hit 1 from the field today, but still finished with 10 points. Defenses take notice when Doug checks in as he runs off a million flare screens and never stops moving. That includes after the game too, considering Shaheen Holloway is ready to make him run suicides the moment they get into a gym tomorrow after this. 

This is part of the run. Is he the best player on St. Peter's? Nope. But he's now the face of the run. It's the mustache, it's the name, it's the quotes. 

No nickname needed like Harold 'The Show' Arceneaux. He's just Doug and he's officially a March legend.