Khabib Is Siding With Jorge Masvidal?

If you havent seen the news Masvidal got booked for jumping Covington in Miami outside a steakhouse.

Everyone has concluded that Jorge is a shitbag who should see criminal charges but Khabib is siding with Jorge on the matter.

This is pretty harsh to claim no one should want to fight Colby after this just because he is pressing charges after losing a couple of teeth after being attacked by a guy in a hoodie and a mask. Ben Askren is quick to point out the whole thing is bullshit because Masvidal also talked shit about his kids so he has no honor to go after a guy for talking about his kids. 

I think we all can agree if you have 25 minutes in an octagon to beat someone up for talking about their kids you can't try to get overtime outside a steakhouse.