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US Officials Finally Meet With Brittney Griner As Russian Legal Expert Says She Could Face 5 Years In A Prison Labor Camp

WNBA star Brittney Griner met with U.S. officials on Wednesday for the first time since being held in pretrial detention in Russia for over a month, according to the U.S. State Department.

"The consular officer who visited with Brittney Griner was able to verify that she is doing as well as can be expected under these very difficult circumstances," State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters on Wednesday.

Well that is good news at least. She is reportedly doing well and will have continued contact going forward with US officials. Hopefully she is safe and is able to return home because 5 years in literal Siberian Gulag Forced Labor camps for a couple cartridges of weed oil is absolutely ABSURD. You know what else is absolutely political an American's arrest abroad has become at home. Just classic example of giant assholes who only care about their agenda are using someone's suffering to push their own narrative. 

Exhibit A: Larry Elder

Fucking CRINGE

The glee he feels at the end of the video is gross. Brittney Griner, in America, exercised her 1st amendment right that I assume Larry Edler would say he is in support of. Just because you don't like what someone says or how they use that 1st amendment right doesn't mean that you should be overjoyed at the prospect of an American woman being held in a Russian prison without any real contact with her family or legal team. That is gross. Get her back to America and then tell her how her opinion about our country sucks and is obtuse when compared to history or the rest of the world. That is your right. I might be first in line to tell her that. I wouldn't be cheering that a person who you don't like got arrest though. You should want the rights and protections that country offers its citizens to be extended to any citizen that is in trouble. Golden rule, day one stuff. This guy wants to lock up political rivals, just like, ya know...Putin. 

And for the sake of balance he is the absolute WOAT person in the world chiming in a way that only she can

No, actually it doesn't, Jamele. What an asshole. She is arrested and locked up abroad for months of isolation and that says more about America than Russia because she can't earn enough money here as a pro women's player? Her max salary in the WNBA is $227k. She isn't poor. That salary isn't indicative of any issues with America. The opposite actually. That salary is because the WNBA gets a subsidy of $12M/year from the NBA and…they've lost at least $10M every year that the league has been in existence. Does Jamele Hill think that Russia is some more modern, liberal, and equitable society than America and that is why they pay women more in sports? ORRRRRR could all of the pro sports teams over there be owned by either the government or oligarchs who don't give a fuck about turning a profit because you can only have some many billion dollar super yachts before you think it'd be mildly entertaining to win a women's basketball championship. Maybe that is it and not some bullshit about whatever ism Jamele Hill is upset about today. 

Anyways…#FreeBrittney #DontBeAnAsshole