This Girl's Dad Subscribes To Her Only Fans And I've Got A Problem With How Casual We've All Been About Incest These Days

It’s a dirty daddy disaster.

Family ties nearly unraveled for an OnlyFans star named London when she realized her father had subscribed to her channel and had been faithfully watching her saucy content on a monthly basis. 

“Me realizing *the Hott3st Daddy* user was my dad getting all my content on my [OnlyFans] every month,” said London, from San Diego, California, in the captions of her now-viral TikTok testimonial. 

“Bruh this has to be a crime, ain’t no way,” inked one perturbed commentator. “Do you continue to talk to your dad after finding something like that out?” another questioned. 

“Does that mean he is a good or bad dad? Sounds supportive to me,” said a daddy defender. “We love a supportive father,” chimed another, using several handclap emojis to emphasize their excitement.

That's it. It's time that this is addressed. This isn't even the first story I'm hearing like this, it's not even the ONLY story in this article!

In January, an OnlyFans model known as Karla Ramirez published a viral video, shaming her anonymous father for not only subscribing to her sexy profile but also offering to pay her money to “play” with herself on camera.

“When my DAD, yes my DAD has been buying my [OnlyFans] content through NOT ONE but TWO accounts, and was a personal client of mine on both accounts for over a year,” said Ramirez in the text of her trending clip, which amassed over 16.8 million views.

“And the only way I found out [who he was] is because he had called me to ‘play with myself’ for $150, and I could hear my mom in the background talking on the phone.”

That's more of the energy we need here. I'm all for a "supportive dad" but I think it's finally time that we can all give "dads" a pass on the support when it comes to OnlyFans. I've been around the porn block enough times to know that "incest porn" is almost always a top trending category. Step sister, step brother, step mom - all "step" so "it's not technically incest," but what's the difference here? It says "step"? The underlying idea is STILL "incest." I'm not one to kink shame, and I'm sure I could make an argument that traces back to the exact moment in these people's lives that have made them this way, some sort of neglect trauma in the family unit I'm sure. But now we have actual, biological fathers subscribing to their daughters online porn material, and clearly consuming the content. We're not just "subscribing and leaving it on autopay," men are actively seeking out sexual attention from their children. That's fucking insane. After a quick google, I found out having "daddy issues" not only applies to neglect, but also to too much affection:

Is it still daddy issues when the "admiration" comes the other way? "Daughter issues?" I place this blame entirely on these fathers. How many people are on OnlyFans?

More than 170 MILLION people are on OnlyFans, and a large, large percentage of them are women who do sex stuff. Only ONE of those people, is your ACTUAL BIOLOGICAL CHILD. Maybe just…choose SOMEONE ELSE? ANYONE ELSE? You have to consider sending yourself to jail after doing something like this, right? Is it legal to want to fuck your adult daughter?

It seems its only illegal in the US, and only because it will "harm family relationships." I think the relationship is already in the fucking garbage once your dad is asking for videos of you fingering yourself, right? Christ. What a fucking mess. Can everyone just stop trying to fuck their own family members? Is it that hard?